Hair Extension

Hair Extension

  • Add length
  • Extra thickness
  • Add bright, funky colours to have some fun
  • Help fix a bad haircut or broken pieces
  • Add colour - scattered pieces of colour instead of highlights
  • Grow out a short fringe or broken hair
  • Professional reasons like modelling or acting
  • Create a new look for a special occasion like a wedding formal dinner or party
  • Purely for glamour

Why do people have hair extensions?

Whatever the reason, hair extensions are an easy way to create that new look NOW. You can get a new, natural-looking appearance in just a few hours. Good quality hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. We only use this type of hair extension. We match your hair colour perfectly, if you wish or if you want to look like you have some highlights, we can do that.

Hair extensions, because they are 100% human hair, have to be cared for the same way as your own hair. If you treat your own hair roughly, you will damage it, the same goes for extensions. Once you have the hair extensions in place you can treat them as you normally treat your own hair. They can be combed or blow-dried. You can swim and you can even have them coloured and cut if you wish. Please call us if you'd like to know anything else.

Here's some photos:

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